Health Minister And HSE Facing Further Questions Over Vaccination Centres

There’s further controversy surrounding the roll out of vaccination centres around the country.

Yesterday the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly came in for criticism over  the locations of many of the centres and the impact they will have on people in rural areas having to travel long distances.

37 centres were unveiled on Monday, but according to reports today already one of those, the Seven Oaks hotel in Carlow has been taken off the list, because it has been deemed by the HSE to be too small for their needs. It’s also being claimed that a number of venues named on Monday say they had been contacted but a deal hadn’t been finalised with them to operate as a vaccination centre, including the Charlesland golf Club In Greystones.

Meanwhile Minister Donnelly is being asked to establish why the HSE selected Greystones, with a population of just over 18,000, as one of the locations for the two centres in Wicklow, ahead of the town of Bray, where the population is over 32,000.

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